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Cost of Lawyer – Do I Really Need One?

cost of lawyer

What will it cost you to hire me to represent you in your Georgia workers’ compensation case?   At my firm you pay no up front costs for my representation.  Instead, I handle cases on a 25% contingency fee.  This means that:

  • I only get paid if I win; and
  • I get paid 25% of your lump sum settlement

Unlike some of my competitors I do not take a percentage of your weekly wage checks – you get every penny of your weekly wage benefit payments.

Before I start work, I will explain and ask you to sign my contingency fee contract.  After we both sign it, I will make you a copy then file a scanned copy with the Georgia State Board of Workers’  Compensation.

I will encourage you to carefully read my fee contract and ask me questions if you have any.  You’ll find once you hire me that I am a very direct person and I will treat you the same way I would like to be treated if I was to hire a lawyer.

What we really want to focus on, then, is getting you every penny owed to you by law,
and not one penny less.

That’s my job and I have been doing it excessively well for over 25 years.


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